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“Don’t look for your dreams to become true; look to become true to your dreams.”
– Michael Bernard Beckwith
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In everyday parlance, “church” is associated with Christian denominations and their houses of worship. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith founded Agape as a local and global trans-denominational spiritual “center” because this terminology best describes the inclusiveness and diversity for which Agape is known and respected.

Agape embraces a Reality the world’s scriptures and sacred texts endeavor to describe, even as they acknowledge the impossibility of such a task. Some call it God, Great Spirit, Hashem, or Allah, while others simply prefer to leave it nameless. Agape teaches that this ultimate Reality is the Source of our life, that we are made in its image and likeness, which makes us co-creative participants in the three-dimensional world in which we live.

Through Agape’s teaching of the New Thought-Ageless Wisdom tradition of spirituality, individuals are taught the universal principles governing the cosmos and the practices by which one can apply them including meditation, affirmative prayer and The Life Visioning Process originated by Michael Bernard Beckwth. Many of these technologies have been practiced by spiritual seekers for thousands of years, teachings which to this present day are practical in meeting humanity’s challenges of 21st century living. Agape’s teachings point the way to how an individual may cultivate their own unique relationship with the Ineffable and live from a place of conscious connection with the Essential Self while being a beneficial presence on the planet through selfless service and the giving of their unique gifts.

In Agape’s services and classes, we refer to the world’s scriptures and sacred texts, as well as the writings of ancient and contemporary mystics, teachers, sages, philosophers, pundits, scientists.
No, and yes.

Yes, some Agape members are Christian, and their personal encounter with the spirit of Jesus as an embodiment of the Christ Consciousness richly informs their spiritual lives. No, if by Christian you mean the acceptance of Jesus as the only savior and Christianity as the only path to God and eternal salvation. Yes, in the sense that New Thought- Ageless Wisdom history includes the Gnostic teachings of Jesus and the earliest Christian mystical sects, as well as the founders of the uniquely American New Thought Movement including Emmanuel Swedenborg, Ernest Holmes, Howard Thurman, and transcendentalists such as Ralph Waldo Emerson and others.

While the Bible is mainly referenced in Dr. Beckwith’s services and Agape’s classes, the version that is primarily used is a metaphysical, Gnostic-inspired edition translated and interpreted from the original Aramaic, rather than the Greek translation used in traditional Christian churches such as the King James version or the Saint Gregory version used by the Catholic church. Also referenced are scriptures from the world’s wisdom traditions including the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Tao Te Ching, Kabbalah’s Zohar, works by the transcendentalists and more.

Agape teaches that Jesus was not the great exception, but rather the great example. Classically, the New Thought-Ageless Wisdom tradition of spirituality regards Jesus an enlightened being, one who attained cosmic consciousness, or liberation from a sense of separation from the Source of all that is. Jesus, like Gautama The Buddha, are revered as way-showers, as exemplars of unconditional love, selfless service, and self-mastery.
Absolutely. Many within the Agape community maintain their Jewish, Christian, Muslim or Buddhist faith, while others continue to practice the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, or other spiritual master teachers of past or present generations. As a result, mixed-tradition couples and families often find common ground at Agape without compromising other loyalties. 
Agape is developing many possibilities for individuals and related spiritual communities living outside of Los Angeles to become Agape affiliates, to study with us, and to serve our global family. There are opportunities on line to study with Dr. Beckwith as well as in person retreats, workshops and conferences that are offered through out the year.

Please see the website for upcoming classes, retreats and events. Agape also live streams the services every week on Wednesday evening and Sunday mornings at
Agape does not require formal affiliation and is accessible to all individuals on equal terms. This applies to all aspects of taking classes, receiving pastoral care services, volunteering in outreach programs, and so on. The exception applies to those individuals who wish to become a licensed practitioner/spiritual counselor or minister and therefore must fulfill the requirements relative to these licensed ecclesiastical positions.
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